The Parasitic Library | Apocalypse Keys |29th October| 12pm @Bohemians

You have been called monsters, and try as they might to hide it, everyone you know is afraid of you. Perhaps they have the right to be - there is every chance that if you lose touch with your humanity, you might be the ones to end the world. But for now? You are the ones to save it - for the Parasitic Library does not care who, or what you are - all that matters is what you know.
Welcome to Apocalypse Keys, where you and your fellow players play Omen Class Monsters, assisting the Division with the most apocalyptic of threats. Each threat is a puzzle to be solved, or a door to be open - but either way, it is up to you to find the keys.

Apocalypse Keys is a simple, beginner-friendly game system from Evil Hat, in which powerful monsters wrestle with humanity while working with a mysterious organization dedicated to saving the world from occultic apocalypses. Every game involves players trying to solve the mystery of how the world is going to end, and how to stop it - and in a unique twist, the mystery’s solution is determined by the players, and not the GM!

The Parasitic Library is an adventure set in the Apocalypse Keys system. The Library is a semi-sentient, interdimensional entity that feeds on accumulated knowledge and secrets - which is a serious threat given the kinds of secrets that the Division has accumulated. It is up to you and your fellow Omen Class monsters to stop this threat before it gets out of hand…or give in to your monstrous side and help the Apocalypse along.

Note: As a Halloween themed session, this game will involve elements of horror, such as memory loss, mild gore, and mental manipulation.

Date and time October 29, 12pm
Place Indiranagar
System and Setting Apocalypse Keys
Safety/content tool The X Card, Lines & Veils
Character creation Online character creation pre-game, please contact @armaanofstories on Discord, or e-mail [email protected]
Number of players 5

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