The Pandora's Box

The universe is dying. It has been dying since it was born, and now its death rattle echoes into the void, calling Them.
Now They circle the last light, preparing to snuff it out. The sun of the solar system where humanity was born, Sol, is the last remaining star in the universe; but it is changed. It glows pale white, and a black hole gnaws through its heart, giving it the visage of a great eye.
The planet Mercury is the last refuge for the living. You and your companions are all that remain on its surface, besides the ruins of the last civilization. As They approach you must survive long enough to activate a monument you have found:
The Messenger. You don’t know who made it, but you do know that if activated it may create a message that will survive the end. Before that, however, you have to turn it on. Search through the wreckage of Atlas, the last city, for an artifact known as the Ten Candles.
The library of Hecate should hold the key to their resting place in the vault of best-forgotten secrets,
Pandora’s Box. Sol gazes upon you. Will you answer its final prayer?

This game is not about surviving, but one about telling a story. The story that you will tell is not a kind one, and far from a happy one. It is the sort of story that has sharp edges. The kind that lingers long after it’s gone, nesting in nightmares and drifting on every shadow. The kind that no one wants to tell. The kind that needs to be told. This is Ten Candles an rpg where you tell a story of hope in a world consumed by darkness and, yet one not succumbed to it. Come weave a story recorded for aeons to be told and heard

Date and time Bohemains, 12pm
Place Indiranagar
System and Setting Ten Candles RPG
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils/X cards
Character creation No Pregens or Character sheets required
Number of players 6/6

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