The Horror at Havel's Cross [w/ DM @arcwright] | Online | D&D 5E | 1st August 2020 2PM - 6PM | 5 Adventurers wanted

When a group of archaeologists put out a call for adventurers to help them escort a valuable artefact back to civilization, nobody expects anything out of the ordinary. However, our heroes have more than mere bandits to deal with at Havel’s Cross. Will they be able to survive the horrors waiting for them and piece together a ghoulish mystery?

This adventure is set for new players and requires a party of 5 members. The adventure is suited for Level 2 characters

Date and time 1 August 2020; 2PM - 6PM
System and Setting D&D 5E
Character creation You can bring your own level 2 characters from official WoTC Content. Alternatively you can pick one from the personally curated channel on Discord. You can also talk to your DM to provide you with a pre-generated character
Number of players 5

Current players:

Drop a reply below or contact your DM @arcwright on the Discord channel if you want to participate in this adventure!

Hey man Id like to play, I have my character on the discord

Hey, id like to join the session as well

Hey sure. please head over to the Discord channel and contact @arcwright.

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