The Hidden Hangover Cures of Ogden the Raucous |D&D 5e |8 Jan 2023 | Watson's, Indiranagar

You wake up, in a gothic mansion that you don’t recognize. Your head is killing you. You can’t remember anything about the day before, but you know this: someone owes you one hell of a payday, and you’re not going to rest until you find out who.

You’re a group of adventurers who have woken up in a large mansion with one hell of a hangover, and a magical contract in your hands that claims your quest is complete; all you have left to do is collect your payment. But what was the quest? How did you complete it? Where are you, and how did you even get here? What happened last night? And most importantly of all - who has your godsblighted money?
Players will, in the style of ‘The Hangover’, explore the small town of Lutsza to try and piece together their lost memories from the night before - and hopefully find the lost and legendary Hangover Cures of Ogden the Raucous before their heads split open!

This is a rules-light, beginner friendly game of D&D meant to welcome first-time players, though more experienced players are also welcome. Light combat, medium social roleplay and mystery solving. Team shenanigans encouraged - as long as your fun doesn’t get in the way of your fellow players’.

Date and time 8 Jan, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5th Edition
Safety/content tool X-Card
Character creation Pre-generated Level 3 Characters
Number of players 3/6

Current players:

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My wife and I would love to join this!

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I’ve got it noted, here, thank you!

Could I join this please? Thanks!

Gotcha, I have you noted down as well!

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@Armaan_Babu: My wife and I will be going Bard & Wizard. I’ll create the characters.

That works - note that the characters will all be Level 3!