The Cult of Melon Husk | Covert Ops | 24th September| Indiranagar

A billionaire, Melon Husk, has recently bought a social media company and renamed it to Y with plans to potentially control the world. The international shadow organisation of spies, SECTOR, is unconvinced that this is a real threat but has deployed a team of agents to investigate and put a stop to this.

Covert ops is a thriller/adventure/spy system which allows you to emulate your favourite spies and heroes. You can be the hacker behind the desk who disables entire security systems from offsite, a ninja who lives in the shadows, a femme fatale who seduces her targets and moves in for the kill with a fine blade, or you can be a one man tank, taking out the entire group of security guards with your guns, explosives or sheer muscle.

This is a beginner-friendly one shot and no prior knowledge of the rules is necessary.

While I will bring pregens for the table, if players can reach out to me about what kind of spy they want to play as, I’ll try my best to accommodate that.

Date and time 24 September, 12pm
Place Indiranagar
System and Setting Covert Ops
Safety/content tool X card, lines and veils
Character creation Pregen or share your concept
Number of players 5

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