The Carmine Cave Crawl | D&D 5e | 14 July | Underline Center

In the deepest recesses of a mining complex, something wicked stirs. Deep wounds left by a centuries-old interdimensional calamity allow for all sorts of dangerous creatures to slip through, and it’s not unheard of for miners to even stumble into pockets of other realities. But with great risk comes great opportunity for independent contractors like you, ready to face the danger when there’s a quick buck to be made. It’s time to have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned dungeon crawl!

This session is aimed at folks familiar with D&D 5th edition, ideally who have played a few beginner sessions and would like to see what playing at higher levels and against stronger enemies is like.

Date and time 14th July, 12pm
Place Underline Center, Indiranagar
System and Setting Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils, X-Card
Character creation Pregens available, or make your own! (DM can help you) - Official + Partnered content, point buy, one free starting feat, Any regular gear and up to 3 common or uncommon items. Level TBA (currently leaning to 11)
Number of players 3-4

You’re encouraged to bring flavour and depth to your character and roleplay, but please note that, as a dungeon crawl, this session will be focused on exploration and combat.

Drop a reply below if you have signed up to participate in this adventure!

Please include:

  1. A line about what levels of play you have experience with
  2. Level preference (can run level 7, 9 or 11, currently leaning towards 11)
  3. When possible, after you sign up (but before Saturday) add on the kind of character you’re thinking of playing

Please select this game/table when purchasing a ticket for this event. Just replying to this post is not a confirmation.

What level do you want to play at (for those with a confirmed slot at this table)
  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
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Current players: 2/4

I’ve played all the way from 1-12 in dnd.

I prefer to play frontline characters