The Canine Companions of Caravee|D&D 5E | July 14 2024 | Underline Center

The rangers. Mysterious wanderers of unexplored lands, they keep the peace in places civilization has forgotten. Little is known of the rangers - just that when you need them the most, they will help you find your way home. One group of rangers, however, have made a name for themselfs - in the forests of Caravee, they have bonded with the canines that live there, bonding with the animals to help keep the forest safe. However, the forests of Caravee are old, and deep in one of its caverns, something awakens…something that is corrupting the land. Something that seeks to break free - and it is up to the Companions and their canine compatriots to sniff out danger - and bury it, for good!

The Canine Companions of Caravee is a beginner-friendly one-shot using the Dungeons & Dragons system. Players all play pre-generated Level 3 Rangers, each with their own wolf or dog companion, each with their own special abilities, to aid them as they descend into the caverns of Caravee.

14 July, 2024 Underline Center, 12pm
Place Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5E
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils, the X-Card
Character creation Pre-generated Level 3 Characters + Canine Companions
Number of players 5

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