The Calliope's Curse

Unease hangs heavy in the air, a counterpoint to the calliope’s jaunty melody. This isn’t your ordinary carnival. Whispers of missing people and investigators and a weakening Flare, the very lifeblood protecting the region, weave through the throngs. A recent accident has thrown everything into disarray, and the shadows seem to writhe with a darker purpose. Are you a skeptic drawn by the thrill of the unknown, or a believer in forces unseen? One thing’s certain: curiosity has led you here, to the gates of this enigmatic carnival. Behind the vibrant facades and intoxicating melodies, a darkness festers. Rumors swirl about a puppet master, the architect of a twisted game with terrifying consequences. Can you unravel the secrets that bind this place, or will you become another lost face swallowed by the shadows?

This is a candela obscura oneshot aimed at introducing new players and veterans alike to this system.

Date and time Underline Center, 12pm
Place Indiranagar
System and Setting Candela Obscura
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils/X cards
Character creation Pregens will be provided
Number of players 6

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what characters will we be playing?