<TBD> | D&D 5e | 12th May onwards

Prepare to be enchanted and bewildered as an otherworldly carnival descends upon your neighbourhood, bringing with it wonders beyond imagination. Picture yourself astride snails that trot like noble steeds, marvel at the exotic displacer beast nursery, and brace yourself for the spine-chilling presence of the most unsettling clown ever.

As you eagerly await entry into this surreal spectacle, each of you harbours your secret motivations, drawn by the promise of a tale steeped in “wicked whimsy.” Whether seeking thrills, mysteries, or perhaps even redemption, the carnival offers something for every curious soul.

We’re looking for players to commit to 3-5 sessions in an attempt to start short campaigns at the Sunday events.
I’m looking for a small group of about four friends for the campaign. You know how it is with scheduling - it can be the toughest monster of them all in D&D! But I’m hoping with a group familiar with each other, we have better luck.

The campaign is technically beginner-friendly but people with a drama/role-playing background would truly enjoy the setting. There is little to no combat and I’m generally very loosey-goosey with rules._

Date and time May 12 to sometime in July, 12pm
Place Underline Center, Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool X cards
Character creation You can have an idea for a Level 2 character and we’ll roll characters together in Session 0 before we begin
Number of players 4

If you’re eager to join, reach out to me (@inputj) on Discord to connect and discuss further details. Let’s kick things off with a Session 0 this Sunday, and get a little bit of playtime in.