Tabletop Thursdays are changing a bit


  • We are going to have an event every other Thursday, so upcoming dates are April 14th, April 28th, May 12th, etc. (details here: Tabletop Thursday - Alternate Thursdays - Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar, Bangalore)
  • We’ll cap it at 50 people
  • We’re increasing prices a bit overall, and hopefully in a way that’s fair to everyone
  • We’re going to be stricter about masking during the event, and mandatory vaccination certificates.

We did our first event since Covid on March 31st (Tabletop Thursday - 31st March - Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar, Bangalore) and almost everyone who attended had the same questions - are we back to doing this every thursday? Is everything back to the way it was pre-covid?

A bunch of stuff has changed in the last few years obviously, and honestly I don’t think we even have a clear idea of what ReRoll will end up being in the coming months/years. I’m hoping that talking about this openly will help us also better articulate what we want, and how best to achieve that.

Tabletop Thursday frequency

It’s wild to think that Jan and Feb 2020 were our most active months ever. We had two weekly events, Thursdays at Lahe Lahe, and Wednesdays at Go Native, HSR. We had a monthly D&D event on the last Sunday of the every month, we had a monthly board game event on a different Sunday. Maybe it’s because I’m approaching 30, but I’m exhausted even thinking about that now.

We want to start slow so we’re not really burning out straight out the gate. We’re going to be doing Tabletop Thursdays every other thursday going forward, and capping the number of people attending at 50. This is the number we can manage right now, and maybe we’ll revise this over time as this pandemic plays out and our own energy levels.

Pricing changes

We are also going to be increasing pricing a bit. There are a few reasons for this

  • We’ve been at this ~Rs. 200 price point since like 2017, stuff is just more expensive now
  • If we’re doing half the number of events, we want to make up some of the difference.
  • We’ve never really made any meaningful money from ReRoll (and many of us have actually spent more on games than we’ve made back), we want to try and actually make this a more sustainable venture for us, and this year we’ll hopefully be able to find ways to do that outside of just increasing ticket prices. (more on this soon!)

So here is what is changing. We’re going to have phased pricing.

We’ll start at Rs. 200, but increase the price every few days by 50, until a max of 300 (on the day of the event).

Update on 4th July 2022: Happy to report this was a total failure because we sell out in the first day of tickets going up, so everyone buys it at 200 :upside_down_face:

New pricing plan from 7th July 2022’s event is to have 20 tickets at Rs. 200, 20 tickets at Rs. 250, and 10 tickets at Rs. 300. This still encourages early buying, but instead of being time-based, it’s quantity based. This gives us a fixed ~25% increase in earnings while still giving folks who are early a discount.

Health and Safety

This is non-negotiable for us. Masking and vaccinations are mandatory for our events. This is something we won’t compromise on. I understand people have differing risk assessments for themselves, but we are going to set the bar for our events. We’ll check certificates during check-in and request everyone seated to remain masked. We understand that masking make it harder to communicate if its noisy, but we’ll fix that by making sure everyone is quieter.

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When is the next meeting happening?

This Thursday, but we’re already full. We’ll be back on again on 12th May (every other Thursday basically). More details here - Tabletop Thursday - Alternate Thursdays - Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar, Bangalore