Tabletop Thursday #197 Online - 2nd July - Join us on the ReRoll Discord!

Psst: Did you know we are organizing a Critical Role watch party the next morning(July 3rd)? Details here!

This lockdown spelled the end of board games for a lot of us. But we continue our tradition with another week of those very games online! We spent the past few weeks trying to replicate our love for the hobby and safe to say, we’ve got it pretty close.

Here are three reasons why you should ditch skimming through movie titles tonight and play with new friends on the internet:

  • Wonderful new folks join us week on week to play a variety of games - it’s a great way to meet new people,
  • We connect over a voice chat on Discord - in banter we trust
  • THE GAMES! You’ll find a schedule/menu listed below. These will change a bit week to week, so check each event’s post to know the exact list.

So, that’s Enter -> Make Friends -> Play Games -> Have Fun -> Return! That’s it.

7 PM - 10:30 PM every Thursday (sometimes more). Shall we see you then?

Click this big button to join us:

What we’re playing:

Game Details What/How/etc
Jackbox Party A fun set of party/mini games that people can play via their phone browser. We most likely will play Push The Button!
Codenames A team-based word game about guessing the code names of your team’s agents faster than the other team
Just One! A cooperative party game in which you play together to discover as many mystery words as possible
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes A co-op bomb defusal game where one person is in a room with a bomb and teammates has to refer to a manual to help them solve it via voice only
Wavelength A team based game about reading the minds of your teammates
Welcome to… A roll-and-write game about building the best town possible
Railroad Ink A roll-and-write game where you draw road and train routes on your board to score as many points as possible in 7 turns.
Spyfall A fun social deception game of asking simple questions to deduce which player among you is secretly the spy
Secret Hitler A hidden identity game (kind of like Mafia) that pits Liberals against Fascists, as they try to gain control of Germany
Resistance: Avalon A hidden identity game (kind of like Mafia) set in King Arthur’s era as loyal servants of the King against the minions of Mordred.
Tabletop Simulator A “video game” engine that lets you a play a vast number of board games virtually with friends.
Carcassonne/Kingdomino/Love Letter Games that you can play on your browser on (please google)

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