Tabletop Thursday #190 Online - 14th May - Jackbox Party, KTANE, Fake Artist Goes.., Wavelength, and more!

We’re playing board games (or similar) online with our community every week on Thursdays from 7PM.

If you want to participate, show up at 7 pm in the ReRoll Discord


Game Details What/How/etc
Jackbox Party A fun set of party/mini games that people can via their phone browser. We most likely will play Push The Button!
Fake Artist Goes To New York A drawing game and hidden role game where players try to figure out who is a real artist and who doesn’t know what they are trying to draw
Codenames A team-based word game about guessing the code names of your team’s agents faster than the other team
Just One! A cooperative party game in which you play together to discover as many mystery words as possible
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes A co-op bomb defusal game where one person is in a room with a bomb and teammates has to refer to a manual to help them solve it via voice only
Wavelength A team based game about reading the minds of your teammates :eyes:
Carcassonne/Kingdomino/Love Letter Games that you can play on your browser on (please google)