Tabletop Thursday #184 Online - Thursday, 2nd April - Codenames, Just One, and more!

Welcome to Tabletop Thursday #184 online!

We’re playing board games (or similar) online with our community every week on Thursdays from 7PM.

What’s new from last week

We’re ditching the YouTube live stream this week, it was too much effort to manage and took away time from actually running games for people.

This week we’re running all our games on discord (more details on this below).

If you want to participate, show up at 7pm in the ReRoll Discord!

Agenda: (if we can manage to stick to it this time)

Time Game Details Link to join
7PM onwards Sketchful A pictionary-like game that accessible to everyone! Mobile browser friendly, no login or account required.
7PM onwards Codenames A team-based word game about guessing the code names of your team’s agents faster than the other team Join here:
7PM onwards Just One! A cooperative party game in which you play together to discover as many mystery words as possible Join here:
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