Tabletop Thursday #183 Online - Thursday, 26th March - YouTube/Discord

Welcome to Tabletop Thursday #183 online!

Last week’s TT #182 live stream:

We’re playing board games (or similar) online with our community every week on Thursdays from 7PM.

Agenda: (if we can manage to stick to it this time)

Time Game Details Link
7PM - 8PM Sketchful A pictionary-like game that accessible to everyone! Mobile browser friendly, no login or account required.
8PM - 9PM Codenames Codenames is a team-game (similar to pictionary/charades) where players will take turns giving clues to their teammates to guess! To register, drop a message on the Codenames channel on our discord. Link is that way :point_right:
9PM onwards The ReRoll Panel Show A board game panel quiz show hosted by @inputj. Watch us make a fool of ourselves for your entertainment.
Participants: @cataclasma, @Storygeek, @mithunbalraj, @Navin, @Ishira_Bhattacharya, and Pranay!

You can all the games live on our YouTube channel and at the link below

Join the community chat (both text and audio) at: