Tabaxis & Canus (A Cats & Dogs Fantasy Parody | D&D5e)

ME-OWWW! The Canus are one step closer to unleashing their most powerful weapon yet against feline kind. Hidden away in their doggone underground lair is a box containing a powerful secret that can be pawsitively catastrophic to your catty clouder. Dogma entails that your litter is the superior kind, and your great leader - Chairman Meow tasks you to get your paws on this weapon any way you can. Here’s hoping everything goes purrfectly.

Ever watched Cats&Dogs and wished the felines had won? Well, now is your chance to get your little kitty party together and take down those butt sniffing canines once and for all!

But the biggest question is - What’s in the box?

Date and time 23 Jul, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D5e
Safety/content tool X Card
Character creation Level 3
Number of players 4

Available Characters:

Bob(cat) the Barbarian:

Rats the Rogue:

Barnacles the Bard: (Claimed by Ishan)

Catsandra the Cleric: (Claimed by EmmBee)

Please select this game/table when purchasing a ticket for this event. Just replying to this post is not a confirmation.

Hi Kshema. I have bought a ticket for the table. I see you have provided pre-gen characters to choose from but when I click on the links, I am not able to see the respective character sheets due to 404 Unauthorized error. Are these public characters? How do we claim them? Would we be able to pick on the spot?

Hey Nikhil!

Excited to have you at my table! :smiley: Thanks for the shoutout, just fixed it! You should be able to view the sheets now. :smiley:

Please go ahead and pick any of these! You’re also free to bring your own sheet of a level 3 Tabaxi with Point Buy stats. :3

I can see the character sheets now, and I would love to play as Rats the Rogue in your game. Or even Bob The Barbarian if you would allow me to swap the DEX and STR score :sweat_smile: