You are an OPERATOR - a cyberpunk street warrior from the grim near future. You eat chrome and piss victory. But you’ve been betrayed by Whisperlight, the corp who hired you, and your offshore accounts are being drained. You don’t own your cyberwear, you just license it from the patent holder, and as you run out of money, it’ll begin to shut down. You get your crew together and prepare to pull off one final mission - kill the Whisperlight CEO before your cybernetic bodies become completely useless.

This is a rules light game perfect for both beginners and more experienced players. It is more into a cyberpunk vibe than the standard high fantasy!

Date and time 25th Feb, 12pm
Place Underline Center, Indiranagar
System and Setting One page RPG
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils, X/N/O cards, primarily PG-13
Character creation On the spot, but you need to come up with your own cool cyberpunk character idea beforehand
Number of players 6

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