Straight on till Dawn [Online] | D&D 5E | 1 adventurer required [12th July, 2.30pm - 6pm] |

The priests of the Dawnstone Temple of Dallgrim in Cordonis are making their annual pilgrimage to Dawnstone Hall to attend the conclave of the Dawnstone Council. It is a long journey - a week on horseback to the foothills of Oddfang at the verge of the Pale Wastes. And then a week back.

No prudent folk would undertake such a journey without protection, and that’s where you come in. It seems like a simple escort job, the kind you could do in your sleep. The job has come in to Markhiv’s Post in Cordonis, and the five of you have been assigned to complete it. The pay is good and it keeps Markhiv happy. Win-win.

This is a beginner adventure for 5 players set in the wilderlands of Loorou. It is intended as an introduction to the three pillars of D&D: exploration, social interaction and combat, while also introducing players to our shared Loorou campaign setting and some of the factions that inhabit it.

Date and time Sunday, July 12, 2.30PM to 6PM
Place Online. The game will be run on the Loorou discord server and
System and Setting D&D 5E
Character creation Players can either make their own Level 3 characters or choose from the pregen characters on the Loorou discord server
Number of players 1 slot remaining

Current players: @Sidharth_Ravindra @nish_d @tharunya +1

Drop a reply below or message @siddharthageorge#3237 on the Loorou discord if you want to participate in this adventure!

Halfhitch Strake is in!!

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