Stitches | D&D | Horror | 29 Oct, 2022

Mirepool is the only village on a long road to the next big city. By chance, the characters have stumbled onto the village during a stormy night. Hoping for a warm fire, but only met with cold eyes, the characters find themselves ambushed and bound. Eerily quiet, all the villagers are
gathered at the edge of the village, staring daggers at the newcomers, discussing in hushed voices and fearful eyes.

One of the only things you hear over the deafening thunder is, “Maybe we can give them up in exchange.”

This is an beginner friendly adventure suited for Level 3 to 5 characters, with a healthy mix of Combat, Exploration and Roleplaying. Character levels will be finalised as per party preference.

Date and time Saturday 29 Oct, 2022 11AM
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5E
Safety/content tool X Card as a safety tool
WARNING: This adventure has themes of body horror, gore, blood, xenophobia, and possible self-harm
Character creation Players may either bring their own level 3 characters or choose from pre-generated characters at the table
Number of players 5 players

Current players: 4/5

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