Slay or Play | DnD 5e + TTG | 4 players |level 6|

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A mad bored mage has taken over the land of Catan and made entering it a gamble. Do you want power, to save the villagers or simply test your luck? Come in a group or risk it alone. Prove yourself a worthy opponent and you just might meet the Wizard. You will need to use brain and brawn so prepare accordingly. Let the games begin!

6th level game | 18+ experienced players prefered |pregen options or make your own before | board game references and adaptions within game but within the realm of DnD | exploration and skills with some combat|

Friendly for all subclasses (don’t be afraid to go Ranger or monk). Any race is fine, Tasha’s rules for stat bumps. You get one greater healing potion and one +1 magical weapon of choice. Also 2 uncommon and one rare item of choice. Also an additional uncommon potion OR Armor item

Date and time 26-May-24 12pm
Place Underline, Indiranagar
System and Setting DnD 5e
Safety/content tool X cards
Character creation DDB based creation, pregen optional with all official sourcebooks
Number of players 4

Please select this game/table when purchasing a ticket for this event. Just replying to this post is not a confirmation.

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For those who signed up for my game do DM here or on Discord. It would be great to connect before. Especially if you want to make your own characters :slight_smile:

Folks whoever is playing at my table please get in tough here or on discord. If I don’t hear by tonight I’ll be creating pregens for whoever I don’t know.
If you want to make your own character and help tailor the game a bit please get in touch.