Session Zero Vol. IV | Origin Alley ✨ | Sunday, April 7 | Koramangala, Bangalore

Name of the Game: Session Zero: Vol IV


It may be the end of the world, but that doesn’t mean the Adventure stops!

Baron Von Yipp has a heist planned and is looking to put a team together to undertake this mission. As this quest is ridiculously dangerous and requires people of exceptional skill, only the best and brightest of adventurers may attempt it, else the mission fails… and failure is not an option.

He is organizing a IRL meetup for those who would like to prove themselves. Assemble your party of 4-5 of the nerdiest buddies you got and come face the challenges that lay ahead.

System Used: A Combination of physical presence and mental aptitude ( with some dice rolling )

Content Warnings : General Fantasy Violence, Blood, Potential Suggestive Themes. May cause some competitiveness.

Safety Tools: Lines & Veils

Is it safe for underage players?: As it is being held in a pub, 21+ is preferred, anyone under 21 will not be served alcohol.

Type: Ticketed Event.
You can get your tickets from Our Store

Game Format: IRL pubquiz.

You’ll need 1 smartphone and a party of 4-5 players armed with facts from varied sources like Movies, Anime, Video Games, TV shows, and RPGs to come out victorious from our quiz.
Dice are optional.

Session Duration: 4hrs

Scheduling Information:
Venue: Gorilla Barfare, Koramangala, Bangalore
Date: Sunday, 7th April 2024
Time: Assemble by 2pm. Quiz starts at 3pm sharp.

Average Party Level/Character Creation Requirements:
You will not need to bring any sheets, but are welcome to casually cosplay your character or any fictional character you would like to be for the day.

About The Event:
Session Zero is our flagship pubquiz + networking party for nerds. It’s our place to hangout with fellow adventurers and game masters and show off your amazing deep rooted knowledge of fantastical world’s, characters, magical systems, completely impractical behind the scenes facts and of course, who has the most luck of the dice!

Number of spots available: 50

Great prizes await those who show exceptional skill!

:trophy: 1 bottle of an IMFL Healing Potion OR sets of our Level 01 Dice

:trophy: A seat at the table of a mini D&D campaign

:trophy: Gift vouchers for our fantasy store

:trophy: Early Access to our upcoming level 10 & 20 dice

:trophy: Our classic Giveaways

:trophy: Making Dex saves

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Worried that you don’t have a pre-made party?

Besides being the most fun fantasy pubquiz you will attend, Session Zero is also a networking party!
There will be plenty of adventurers and tables that will need your skills and knowledge to complete the challenges that lie ahead.

So don’t be shy.

The quiz will begin only at <t:1712482200:t> on <t:1712482200:D> you will have plenty of time to interact with fellow adventurers and like-minded nerds of varying genres.
So if you are coming solo, treat it as an additional quest requirement:

Form an Alliance and take on the challenge!

Tickets are available on our webstore

seating at the venue is limited, so get them while they are still available!