Secrets Beneath Pugmire| D&D 5e | 14th July | Underline Center

In the bustling city of Pugmire, where relics of a bygone era lie hidden beneath everyday life, a sinister mystery begins to unfold. Shadows stretch further into the unknown as whispers of long-forgotten legends echo through cobblestone streets. A group of daring adventurers is entrusted with uncovering the secrets that threaten their world. Their journey takes them from the lively city to eerie, forgotten corners, and finally to the depths of an ancient tomb, where untold dangers and the spectral presence of history await.

“Secrets Beneath Pugmire” is a tale of courage, ancient legacies, and the unyielding fight against the encroaching darkness. It beckons the brave to step forward, to uncover the secrets buried by time, and to decide the fate of Pugmire. Beginner-friendly, this adventure invites new and experienced players alike to explore a world filled with mystery and danger. You’ll encounter a blend of exploration, roleplaying, and combat as you traverse bustling city streets and investigate eerie, forgotten tombs. Will you emerge as the saviours of an ancient promise, or will you fall as mere echoes in the annals of history?

Date and time 14th July, 12pm
Place Indiranagar, Underline Center
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils, the X-Card
Character creation Players are encouraged to create their own level 3 doggos or pick from the pregens available
Number of players 4

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