Safe Starts and False Flags|Gunmetal Voyager|8th January|4 Players (2 Slots left)

You’ve awoken to the blaring sounds of the 24-hour party space station affectionately called the Donut. As you look around the S-class suite, you find the rest of your party in various states of recovery from inebriation.
Everything seems normal. Except for the dead body. On the bed. Wearing a space suit.

This game will be played with my newbie-friendly system Gunmetal:Voyager that uses d6s and allows players to spend resources to add details during play.

Play as the pilot, hacker, merc, or caster in this (mis)adventure.

Note: this game contains depictions of a dystopia. Set in a far distant future where corps overshadow everything. You and your crew are but one of many trying to eke out an existence in this shiny, yet dingy, future. Combat is brutal, Stakes are high, and its always your crew vs the universe.

Date and time 8 Jan, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting Gunmetal Voyager (Spacepunk)
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils, Script Change (rewind, pause,replay)
Character creation Pregens are available and can be perused at the table
Number of players 4

Current players: @TheHereticDruid @VriskaS

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

Sign me up uwu. Total noob though, no idea what I’m doung

Hello I would also like to be put in this game thx

done deal. See you there!

done deal. I shall see you then

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