Ring Out, Wild Bells

The small town of Haren’s Watch lies in the midst of forest and bog, almost forgotten by the rest of the world. Your party of adventurers stumbles into town in the midst of a fierce blizzard, seeking shelter in the local tavern.
You find the village on edge, awaiting the arrival of mysterious creatures who torment the town for three nights every year.
Who is the sinister Mister Grin? Why has he visited this town for the last nine years, choosing one family to face his wrath?
Will you step in to change the fate of this town and save its most vulnerable?

This is a short adventure for Level 3 players. The adventure favours characters and players who enjoy roleplaying, exploration and problem solving.

Date and time Saturday 29 Oct, 2022 11AM
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting DnD 5e
Safety/content tool X Card as a safety tool
WARNING: Adventure has themes of horror, gore, blood, bullying, missing children, xenophobia, claustrophobia, death by fire, potential spiders
Character creation Players may either bring their own level 3 characters or choose from pregenerated characters at the table
Number of players 3-5

Current players: 0/5

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