[PC/Mac] - Into the Breach is free on the Epic Games Store this week


Into the Breach is an incredibly fun puzzle game from 2018 that I absolutely loved playing when it came out. It’s a turn-based game that’s played on a 8x8 grid, sort of like chess, but it’s about usually surviving a certain number of turns. The game is a perfect information game, the game tells you what the enemies are going to do, and you have to just “solve” the puzzle and find the right set of moves to win.

It’s basically a digital board game for all practical purposes, and one that I personally highly recommend. Better still, it’s graphically very very minimal - so it should work on most laptops without any issues. Better still, it’s available for Mac and PC.

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This week, right?


Correct, edited. Thanks!

They had this free earlier as well… was surprised to find it already in my Epic library. :slight_smile: You might like the Tomb Raider Go and Hitman Go android games as well… have to move in a specific way to solve the puzzle…