Origin Alley: Session Zero Event | Sunday 11th June | Bangalore

Greetings, fellow adventurers! :sparkles:

My name is Raaghav and I got formally introduced into the TTRPG space a few years ago.
My wife, Varsha, and I also recently started a brand called Origin Alley, which deals in tabletop merch and adventurer accessories. @originalley.shop on instagram

We are hosting our first-ever fantasy-themed TTRPG networking party this Sunday (11th June | 1 pm onwards) to promote our brand, Origin Alley. Our products include TTRPG accessories (dice, dice trays, etc) for now but we will be launching custom campaigns, one-shots, and apparel in the near future.

The ticket link can be found here: Origin Alley : Session Zero

This event has something for everyone so you don’t want to miss out! Some of the activities we have planned are:

  • A fantasy pub quiz (the team with the most points wins a bottle of alcohol)
  • A casual cosplay contest (winner gets 1 set of Origin Alley’s new merch lineup)
  • An evil mage pop quiz (free shots if you defeat the mage in a game of wit)
  • Exclusive early access to round 1 of our merch
  • A surprise element of the party which you will find out if you attend!

Also if you know anyone else that may be interested in a get-together like this please feel free to share the ticket link or our Insta profile @originalley.shop

We’ve put out quite a few details about the event on our page and in case you want to know more you can check them out there or directly reach out to us right here. After all, what else are DMs for? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hey everyone! Varsha here. As Raaghav mentioned in the topic, we will be having a casual cosplay contest where the winner gets 1 set of our new merch. Just wanted to let you all know that you are more than welcome to cosplay as your D&D PCs as well. I’ll be at the event as Merla (halfling open hand monk), my first ever character. :blush:

Hope to meet you all on Sunday!