Once upon a time in Space Mardi Gras|Gunmetal Voyager|29th October| 12pm @Bohemians


Greetings valued guild initiates. We have received a request from playboy millionaire influencer DC Jenkins’ agents.

Mr Jenkins, and his retinue, require you to ‘kidnap’ them from his security detail and take them to the vacation space station Wonderla to attend the annual ‘Space Mardi Gras’ festivities. His request indicates that he, and his cohorts, would like a ‘proper rough old-timey adventure feelz’ during their vacation.

To facilitate this, Mr Jenkins’ security unit has NOT been informed of your impromptu abduction mission.

During their vacation at Wonderla, you are to remain with the client and his retinue until members of the security detail relieve you of your duty.

As usual with all guild contracts, Use your discretion and don’t create a scene.


This game will be played with my newbie-friendly system Gunmetal:Voyager. We will be making characters as we play the system. Come with your own sci-fi character idea and build it as you go.

Note: this game contains depictions of a dystopia and contains tropes that fit a dystopian life. Set in a far distant future where corps overshadow everything, your crew are but one of many trying to eke out an existence in this shiny, yet dingy, future.

Date and time 29th October, 12pm
Place Bohemians, Indiranagar
System and Setting Gunmetal:Voyager (Spacepunk)
Safety/content tool Script Change (rewind, pause,replay)
Character creation 5-minute Character creation
Number of players 5

Please visit the Ticket Link on Insider.in and secure your place. If you feel like it, pop in any questions in the thread below.