Oceanus Elevenus | D&D 5e | 12th May | Underline Center

Down on your luck, the players are drinking the last tankard of ale and eating some unappetising fisherman’s soup. With little coin and no prospects for adventure, you must plan on what to do next. A server from the “Bird and Blade,” drops on gilded note on your table and informs you that your bill has been paid. It reads:

Dear friends, I have a mutually beneficial proposition. An item has been stolen and needs retrieving. It is a flower of unsurpassed beauty and perfection of merely sentimental value to my mistress. Your skills make you ideal for this task. Bring this letter with you to the private dining room in the Bird and Blade’s cellar and we can discuss this further.

- Ms. Oceanus

Ideal for totally-new-to-D&D players. There is less emphasis on classes/races/abilities, and more about understanding what goes into a TTRPG and the pillars of most role playing games - combat , social interaction, and exploration.

Date and time <>, 12pm
Place Underline Center, Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5th Edition
Safety/content tool X-Card
Character creation Pregenerated characters will be provided at 3rd level
Number of players 5 players

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