Not a Drop to Drink...|28th April |D&D 5e| 4 players | experience preferred| 18+ |

_What once was a thriving region of lakes, rivers, waterfalls and more has gone dry. People have forgotten that the dessert was once a paradise. A prophecy told of the rains returning; at what cost?

4 brave adventurers with a love of nature, history and above all faith want to bring back the water. The fact that there is a hidden bounty of treasure rumoured does not hurt. Each was chosen because of fate or an intricate conspiracy. Are they saviors or sacrifice?_

Anyone Welcome. This may be complex for newbies though. Role Playing and immersion lovers will like it best

Date and time 28th April, 12pm
Place Underline Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool swearing, nightmares, some gore. X-Cards
Character creation pregen options of cleric, bard, barbarian and Fighter. You can make your own (level 10 if all experienced, Lever 5 if beginners, Level 3 if noobs.
Number of players 4 ideal

Do join the discord server or reply here if joining. It would be good to connect before the game. Please select this game/table when purchasing a ticket for this event. Just replying to this post is not a confirmation.


Can’t wait! It’s gonna be fun to run my War Domain Cleric again

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@ResurREKT99 looking forward to it

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Looks like I have one spot left. Whoever signs up let me know if you are comfy with level 10 play. IF there is a pair of you I could consider expanding the table if needed. @moderators Let me know if you get any 2 person requests and update the table accordingly.

Also aside for the game on Saturday we can create sheets on DDB I have most of the content. If you have signed up do create an account if you have not already.
I’ll DM you the campaign link.

Hi @kadambpa I used to play a long time ago. Pretty rusty in terms of playing but I’m pretty well-versed with the rules (I watch CR religiously). Is this table looking too high-level right now or can I join?

If you are comfortable with level 10 and are willing to create a DDB account, you are welcome.
I will be happy to help. For the table many have not played level 10 so you should be fine.

Ready or not, gotta roll the dice (pun always intended). Alrighty then. Imma sign up for your adventure. Thanks for the encouraging words, friend :slight_smile: