New Game Eldfall Chronicles

Hello everyone!

I am writing here to get the word out about our new game Eldfall Chronicles which we worked hard on for years and we will now finally start it on Kickstarter on 18th May.

For anyone interested, here is the synopsis.

Eldfall Chronicles is a fantasy and RPG-inspired tabletop skirmish game with unique and collectible miniatures that immerses the players in a world where battle is commonplace.
You will face both conflict and ancient terror, against which you must depend on your own skill and cunning to prevail. Alternatively, you can join forces with trusted allies and face the battles together! Players can enjoy two styles of play, either pitting their skill and tactics against each other or teaming up against the game itself.

For more information you can always visit us on our web site.

Hope to see you there!

Adding youtube link to see the game and how it is played.