Monsters & Madness : October 29th D&D ~ Escape From ~ Meenlock Prison

An adventure published by the Dungeon Magazine
By - Tim and Eileen Connors
Art by Julie Dillion
N - Rob Lazzaretti

Pitch - " What you are, we once were; What we are , you shall become. "

Overview : Deep in the forest, a winery-turned -prison houses criminals the aristocracy would like to forget. This prison and its inmates, held more by the purses of the wealthy than by the power of the law, offers adventurers a chance of a lifetime to heed to a call by the jailer named Tarrow Shick; a retired military man, with collecting two prisoners as a bail bond arrangement.

DM notes - This is a gritty and a physiological one shot with no holds bar on horror and imagination.

PS - With all the above said warnings, i have had players make a mockery and had fun out of this splendid adventure from the old school book & my favorite D&D magazine.

Date and time 29 Oct, 2022

Place Watson’s Indiranagar

System and Setting DnD 5e

Safety/content tool X Card as a safety tool
WARNING: Adventure has themes of Trauma, Claustrophobia, Kidnapping, Gore, Blood and torture.

Character creation Level 1 characters: Bring your own, or pick a pre-gen at the table

Number of players 5

Current players: 0/5

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