Minefields and Mediations | D&D 5e | 5 Players | Sep 24 | 12 PM at Bohemians

The two dwarf towns of Dunlur and Barakor had lived in symbiotic harmony for centuries, the deep mines of Dunlur supplying ores of all kinds to the busy smiths of Barakor, and both cities sharing common families, foods and festivals.

This all changed when the Dunlur Mines and Barakor Smithies came under new leadership and the old ways were changed for the new. Suddenly the mines of Dunlur have been experiencing “accidents” at an unprecedented rate, leading to lower production and terribly unfavourable deals with the Smiths…

You and your companions have been hired by the Elders of Dunlur to investigate what they believe is corporate sabotage by those whom they once considered friends and family. Who is behind the mysterious goings-on in the mines? Are the occurrences natural or dwarf-made? Can conflicts be resolved peacefully or are the two towns destined to change their relationship forever?

This is an adventure for Level 3 players. Players will choose from a set of pregenerated characters. If bringing your own character, please run them by the DM first. This adventure favours characters and players who enjoy roleplaying, exploration and problem solving. Combat will be narrative-based.

Date and time 24 September, 12pm
Place Bohemians Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5E
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils
Character creation Level 3 pregenerated characters
Number of players 4-5 (ideal for beginners)

Please select this game/table when purchasing a ticket for this event. Just replying to this post is not a confirmation.

Hello there! Looking forward to playing at your table this Sunday! :blush: Have bought tickets for @HOE_Bloo and myself.

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Hi @Thorax! @Winona and I will also be there on Sunday. Can we bring our own characters? Do let us know what level, and what you would like us to share in advance. Thanks.

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I’m excited to be part of this table on Sunday, and I’m eagerly anticipating making new connections as it will be my first game.

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Hi Pavan! Sorry for the late response… hope you see this before tomorrow.
Level 3 please, and please tell me your class and race.

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Hi! I will be playing a Firbolg Barbarian (Eagle Totem Spirit) and @Winona will be playing a Tabaxi Bard (College of Swords).