Midsummer Malady | D&D One Shot |24th September | 12 pm

_ " Believe in a world that doesn’t care and people that do "_

In a sprawling, fantastical world of Toril, the adventurers find themselves in the peaceful and idyllic region of Possum Creek. However, their arrival coincides with disturbing reports of unsuspecting residents in a web of debt & addiction.

Date and time 24th September, 12pm
Place Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool safety/content tools and warnings listed at the end
Character creation New Players will get help to make characters or select from a Pregen character list. Experienced players can make a Lvl 3 character( avoid UA )
Number of players 5/5 ( Closed )


  1. Addiction: This line means that we won’t go into graphic or detailed descriptions of addiction, withdrawal, or the suffering of addicts. We’ll acknowledge the theme but won’t dwell on it.
  2. Graphic Violence: We’ll describe combat and action, but we won’t delve into overly graphic or gory details of violence.
  3. Sexual Content: Any sexual content or themes will be off-limits for the adventure.
  4. Real-World Drug Parallels: While the adventure deals with a drug-like substance, we won’t draw direct parallels to real-world drugs or addiction.
  5. Torture: We won’t include any scenes of graphic torture, either by or against the player characters or NPCs.


  1. Addiction Effects: We can veil the specific effects of addiction on characters or NPCs. We can acknowledge addiction as a theme but avoid describing its physical or emotional effects in detail.
  2. Mental Health: If any character backgrounds or story elements involve mental health issues related to addiction, we can veil those aspects.
  3. Child Harm: We’ll veil any harm, violence, or endangerment to children, even if it’s not explicitly depicted in the story.
  4. Animal Harm: Any harm or violence against animals will be veiled and not described in detail.
  5. Explicit Gore: While we have a line on graphic violence, we can also veil any particularly gruesome combat details.

Please select this game/table when purchasing a ticket for this event. Just replying to this post is not a confirmation.

I have signed up for this adventure.

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Can we get more info on character creation? Rolled for stats/point buy? Items etc.
Looking forward to playing with y’all btw~
I am joining with a friend who is very new.
Also uh BIOS is gonna be at your table so, uh get your ring of Dad joke shielding or something.

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Thank you for joining the table and am looking forward to playing with you all.

Please roll for stats and take the best of 3 or you can use 17,15,13,12,10,8.

Keep a lvl 3 character sheet ready. New Players will get help to create a character sheet.

As we have 4 players who have played and have a know how, Lets make this adventure a lvl 5 adventure.This will change if a new player joins.

You all get to keep standard adventuring gear + a potion of healing


Hey @HELM , I am pretty much a newbie joining your table this sunday. Wanted to make sure I’ve completed the prerequisites. I’m bringing along a dice set and a character sheet that I’ll try to fill to the best of my abilities. Anything else I should do before coming to the venue?


Hi! Can I still sign up for this?

Hello. Welcome to the adventure. The sheet and dice are all you need.i won’t have the players hand book with me but can I suggest using D&DBeyond website for character creation? It’s easy and you can print it.
If you need help with character creation we can have a voice call on reroll discord today by 7pm and I’ll guide in the process.

Hello, unfortunately the tickets are already booked. I can do one thing to help here… if you do walk in tomorrow, I will include you in the adventure. You probably will have to pay the entry fee of 300 at the counter.
so that makes a 6 player table.

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Looks like there are a couple of tickets you can get from people who are willing to sell theirs. Check the discord event channel to connect with them.

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@HELM really sorry for the late notice, I won’t be making it to today’s game. I hurt my shoulder this friday and was hoping that it’d heal enough yesterday, but it didn’t -_-

Sorry for the inconvinence :bowing_man:

Edit: I’ve messaged my code to @ukulelehoe in case they can make it

Take care man. And get well soon.

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