Masquerade of Thorns | Blades in the Dark | 9th June | Underline Center

The world is a husk of its former self. The once lush forests have withered away, leaving behind a barren wasteland. The air is thick with the metallic tang of artificial oxygen, pumped out by towering engines that choke the skyline. Yet, amidst the decay, a glimmer of hope remains. Rumors whisper of a solution, a chance to reclaim the verdant paradise lost.

Within the opulent estates of the city’s elite, whispers turn to excited chatter. They gather for an exclusive event, a chance to witness the unveiling of something extraordinary. Behind closed doors, a secret is being kept, a potential answer to the world’s desperate prayers. But not everyone is invited to this exclusive gathering.

A shadowy figure emerges from the smog, offering a dangerous proposition. They seek a skilled crew, daring individuals willing to risk everything to uncover the truth. Infiltrate the gilded halls, navigate the treacherous world of the rich and powerful, and discover what secrets lie hidden beneath the veneer of luxury.

This is no ordinary job. It’s a chance to rewrite the fate of a dying world, to expose the truth and fight for a brighter future. Are you willing to step into the shadows and embrace the darkness? The fate of the world may rest in your hands.

A beginner friendly adventure set in a steampunk, dystopian city. Expect a focus on social interactions, cunning negotiations, and stealthy infiltration over direct combat. Utilize your skills in deception, investigation, and creative problem-solving to navigate a world of secrets and hidden agendas.

Beginner friendly. Everything from character creation to gameplay will be explained in session.

Date and time <>, 12pm
Place Indiranagar
System and Setting Blades in the Dark
Safety/content tool X card
Character creation Create in session.
Number of players 3-5

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