Make this forum the main website at

We’re thinking about making this forum the main website.

Currently has no new content. We use it primarily for shortlinks (like and

It also ranks a lot higher in organic search results for board games in India.

We’ll need to make some custom header navigation and banner to essentially act as a homepage and give an overview of who we are and how to navigate the site.

@nemo you have any opinions on this? We can move things like or use Discourse’s page publishing feature Page Publishing - announcements - Discourse Meta to do full page embeds.

I like the idea (makes the forum more visible), but I also like the current website very much. Maybe a page that keeps the current links (in addition to the footer?)

Is there a way for us to preserve the shortlinks as well?

I would be okay with the /search using Page publishing, but it might impact the styling - can you create so we can test this?

As an alternative, if this doesn’t work well, we can use subdomains for the existing stuff?

Like /

Yeah we can. What are the existing stuff though? Only search has it’s own page with a custom script. All the other links can work since discourse supports permalinks. Like works the same as

@nemo search page would look like this - Buy Board Games In India - ReRoll Forums

Okay with how it looks, but would prefer a cleaner URL ( is memorable, might not be).