Lucky Uncharmed | D&D 5e | 5 Players | Mar 17 | 12 PM at Underline Centre

The tiny mountain town of Armagh has long been known for its connection to the Fey realms and powers of chance. The annual festival of Aes Sedai is said to imbue participants with the luck of the fairies.

This year, however, something strange is happening. The rituals don’t seem to work, and people seem cursed rather than blessed. Has the long relationship with the Fey courts soured?..

You and your companions, in town for the festival, have been asked by the Elders to investigate what is happening and to try and restore the flow of luck before the end of the week and the final rituals.

This is an adventure for Level 3 players. Players will choose from a set of pregenerated characters. Experienced players may bring their own character, but please run them by the DM first. This adventure favours characters and players who enjoy roleplaying, exploration and problem solving. Combat will be narrative-based.

Date and time 17 March, 12pm
Place Underline Centre, Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5E
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils
Character creation Level 3 pregenerated characters
Number of players 5

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