Kingdomino Tournament - Meeplecon India : Regional Round - Bangalore

Where: Heavy Card Board Wednesday and TableTop Thursday
When: 04th and 05th December
Price: No additional fees, same charges as weekly event entry

Meeplecon India is conducting a national Kingdomino Championship as a part of their event on December 15th. We are holding regional rounds in Bangalore, in association with our friends at ViPo as a part of our weekly meet-ups this week. Finals likely conducted over the weekend. Here’s what you stand to get if you go onto win the national tournament:

  1. Bragging rights: Winner of the national event would be crowned as India’s champ and will go on blue orange website
  2. Represent India: Winner gets to fly for free (ticket sponsored by us) to Paris next year to participate in World championship
  3. Cool prizes: Winner also get a 1 night stay free in a villa with 6 if their friends/family on us
  4. Regional winner of Bangalore round gets prizes from Smily Kiddos
  5. Regional winner (1/2/3) have option to come to Mumbai and participate in finals at Meeplecon Mumbai, at their own expense if they wish
  6. If the national winner wins at world championship, not only do you get a chance to make India proud, but you can also win a cool 3000 euro cash price!