Kill the DM - DnD 5e | 28 May 2023 | Watson's Indiranagar

Hello folks & season’s greetings! As life would have it, this guy, the DM, is off to another country to begin new adventures. Inspired by that, I figured we’d do one last one-shot. A simple one, a wacky one, an absurd one.

The party finally learn the truth. The one making their life hell isn’t The Prince of Hell, Vecna, nor is it the political vampire, Strahd. No, the scroll tells the tale of a babbling buffoon, who stays in a place called the Earth, in a town of Bangalore.

Months of searching, and you finally find a portal to take you to the right dimension. Gather up, bring the band back together, and take on your greatest nightmare, the DM.
(This game is not meta at all.)

Experienced players are preferred.
Please make your characters at Lvl 9.

Date and time 28 May, 10am
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting DnD 5e
Safety/content tool Yes
Character creation Level 9 - BYOC (Bring Your Own Character)
Number of players 4

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