Kaara - The Forbidden Prison | D&D | Noomdaki | 29 October 2022

You are a part of an elite troop of Juhok, the Capital of Noomdaki. Your commander, Dumi has summoned you at the midnight hour for an urgent mission that she wants you to undergo at the break of dawn.

She hands over a letter with an official seal on it. But you must open it only once you reach Kaara, the forbidden prison situated on an isolated island in the South of Noomdaki. And remember, this mission is highly confidential! YOU MUST NOT MENTION IT TO ANYONE!

Short overview for players:

This is a story set during 275 AD (After Drift) in Noomdaki, a kingdom in a world then known as Ikaa. Noomdaki was formed after the major platonic shift in Ikaa, with the migration of tribes trying to survive. It became a home for many tribes due to its geographical advantage. A small settlement expanded from village to town and then to a kingdom under matriarchal monarchy rule. Currently, its nine provinces are led by her Holi Highness Zaba. Noomdaki gained its popularity because of an inter-tribe culture flourishing throughout its beautiful landscapes in peace & harmony.

While all seems wonderful to the natives and travelers of Noomdaki, there are some hidden dark secrets only a few are aware of! And Kaara is the holding place for most, if not all if its horrific, bloodstained history.

A home-brewed campaign created by RollODie.

A beginner-friendly One Shot Campaign with a good mix of the three pillars of D&D: Roleplaying - Adventuring - Combat. If you like making strategic decisions and problem-solving, then join us for this horrifying and thrilling campaign.

Date and time 29th October 2022 11 AM Sharp
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool X Card as a safety tool
*WARNING: This adventure has themes of horror, gore, blood, xenophobia, and possible self-harm
Character creation A Quick Customized Character Sheet would be given, which the players can create at the table with the help of DM. PS: Think ‘Tribal’ for your character’s name.
Number of players 3 min -5 max

Current players:

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Definitely interested in this game. Would love it if you could hold two seats for me and a friend :slight_smile:

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Definitely come along. We could accommodate more than 5players.