Its time for BLOOD BOWL!| 5 players | D&D 5e | 28th May

Its time for Blood Bowl! the brutal, chaotic and high octane contact sport thats become a bi-annual affair in the Nation of Corria. Conducted by the the Corrian Merchant guild as a way of settling which merchant house head gets nominated as one of the 5 Guild Masters who control and guide the Merchant’s guild. With the tenure of the Guild Masters being 10 years and a guild master being replaced every two years, The bi-annual Blood Bowl Games are Held where each team sponsored by an aspiring Merchant who wants to be the Next Guild Master of Corria.

You fine folk are one such team! But you sit sidelined in the bleachers during the semifinals after having the entire main team fall sick to the squirts and being forced to have the your substitutes play against the Storm Raiders. You were favored to win this year but as you watch your substitutes let touch down after touch down go through them, You cant help but turn numb by the time the whistle is blown, signaling your team’s humiliating defeat.

As The Storm Raiders progress to the finals to take on The Burnin’ Orc Boyz the next day, you retreat back to your team barracks to sink into your cups and hopefully forget this mess. But before the night is up you are interrupted by your coach who calls you all in for a team meeting along with…the coach of The Burnin Orc Boyz? Apparently Their main team players have fallen ill to the squirts too! Something fowl is definitely afoot and its not just the meals you’ve been having the last 24 hrs. Both Coaches want you to find the route of the problem and also, Instead of having the Subs for the Orc Boyz play tomorrow, they want you to play as the Substitutes. Another chance at lifting the Cup. Another chance at redemption.

This is a rules light beginner friendly game with room for a lot of shenanigans, sabotage, backstabbing and clobbering in the competition. There will have a healthy mix of roleplay and combat, along with some Fantasy football!

Date and time 28th May, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool Line & Veils; X-card
Character creation Lvl 3 characters. You can make your own or pick out a pregen character which will be available at the table
Number of players 4-6


I’d like to join this game. I’ve purchased a ticket.

Super excited.

Awesome let’s go! See you on Sunday

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