It's Always Sunny (With A Chance At The Throne) In Phyli Delphia | DnD5e | 30 April, 2023

The King of the lands has passed, making way for a new Monarch for the throne. The time has arrived for you to secure your birthright - by blood or simply kissing a**, you deserve to rule.

News of the tyrant King Rex’s passing reaches far and wide, inviting worthy contestants to the throne to collect the Ultimate Items and battle it out to win their place as the next rulers of Phyli Delphia.

Compete for the crown as a Royal, shook at the audacity of the Commoners from Teh Halfway Inn to even think of competing.

Join in this epic as two parties go against each other!

Character Options:

  • Distant Relative (Fighter) : Da’Maniac
  • King’s Advisor (Rogue) : Ellis Nop
  • Generic Shunned Nobel (Bard) : Car’men
  • Priest (Cleric) : Cricket
  • Head of Military (Barbarian) : Bob The Soldier
Date and time 30 April, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting DnD5e
Safety/content tool X Card
Character creation Level 5 Pregens
Number of players 5

Current players (5/5): @manekdsilva + 2, @Parul , @Shraddha

In the mood to play a pennyless commoner out for hierarchical riches? Check out the version of this adventure run by @Rahil_Hussain where you play as one of the Teh Halfway Inn gang.

Hi! I’m interested in this, would love to play the generic noble bard😂

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Haaai Kshema, I was at your clown themed Halloween game and had a blast playing Bob then too! :joy: This game sounds amazing, and so it would be an honour if I got to be Bob the Barbarian yet again :muscle:

PS: Beginner-friendly game right? Wanted to bring some friends who had never played but always wanted to.

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Yaaay, awesome!!! XD I’d love to have you, and give you all the reasons to be fabulous and shunned. :joy: Let’s take down them pesky Commoners together!!

Hahahahaha, I’d love to have you again! XD And this time with Bob as a Militery Head! xP

And yes, it’s beginner friendly! :smiley: Just make sure to pick this table when you book online, and it’ll be done! :3

I think as a distant relative, I’ll fit right in.:laughing:

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Go away, you sneaky! XD

Hello @manekdsilva , @Parul , @Shraddha !

Excited to have y’all at my table and I can’t wait for our adventure tomorrow! :smiley:

Wanted to save on paper for the character sheets so I thought it would be a better idea to have them here as a link instead for you to refer to! :slight_smile:

Da’Maniac - Distant Relative (Fighter)

Ellis Nop - King’s Advisor (Rogue)

Cleric Cricket - Popular Priest (Cleric)

Car’men - Generic Shunned Nobel (Bard)

Bob The Soldier - Head of Military (Barbarian)

Guide to Understanding Your Sheet: How to Use Your Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet | D&D Beyond - YouTube

(We’ll be going through an intro to understand the game before we start, but here’s an easy video to understand these sheets and make it easier for you tomorrow!)

See ya soon, adventurers! :3