It'll always be Phyli Delphia

The rightful king of these sunny lands, has died.
As the bells toll throughout the night to grieve for Loganius Rex, whispers take hold of the amber court. For the king had no heirs. As the factions scheme and play their games, a stranger arrives at court.
When this stranger opened their mouth the voice of the king spoke.
"Ye filthy rotten souls think you deserve even an inch of my Kingdom? When you did nothing but sat on your cushions and grew complacent. You who stand on the shoulders of my achievements deserve nothing but the dirt you walk over. "
“In three days time,” the stranger now spoke in their own voice “I shall return and if you don’t have before me contenders of blood or virtue…or else.” as they disappeared in a puff of smoke.
As the nobles scrambled to assemble their contenders of blood, a knock wakes up the proprietors of Teh Halfway Inn.
Just in time for their next great adventure.

This one-shot will have the crew of Teh Halfway Inn facing their greatest challenge yet. Play as a group of business owners trying to seize power during the vacuum The game itself will be rules light and will contain high roleplay and non-conventional combat. Less swords and sorcery and more JoJo’s Bizarre adventure or HunterxHunter.
If that is up your alley then step right up.

It should also be noted that this adventure has a version run by @Kshema_Kurup where you play as the nobles to secure your birthright.

Date and time 30th April 12PM
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Character creation 5th Level lore appropriate Pre-gens will be provided but feel free to bring your own if you have any
Number of players (5/5)

Players: Parakh + 1, @Pagalpun , @Pranav21, Kshema

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I read Jojo, I’m in. I buy the ticket with your table right?

Sweet! Will see you at the table. And yes on the ticket question.

Hi would love to join the game! Will buy tickets soon. I have a 5th level sorcerer character. Would that be fine to play with or should I just use a pre-gen?

Hi! I’d like to join in

That wont be an issue, just drop a link to the sheet so i can give it a once over.

Sweet! Will see you at the table.

Feel free to reach out at The_Traveling_Sheep#0284 on discord or send a message here if y’all need more help

Hey this shows a 3/5 players but cant seem to book it over patym, is it still available ?