In Search of New Truths | D&D 5e | 25th Feb | Underline Center

“I’ve spent decades learning all there is about the Old World, DECADES. And here come some upstart apprentices who just have all the answers, challenging our previous discoveries. It’s impossible. They couldn’t have learned any of this in such a short time, unless… unless they stumbled onto The Scriptures I was on the verge of discovering myself.”

These are the passionate words you hear from the old man who put a call out for help around The Vuldeir Academi. Eyes meeting yours for the first time, he whispers,

“Answers to any of the World’s Mysteries; truths and secrets of the world just laid out in front of you. And they expect me and the Academy to just accept it without proof? It’s about time I put them in their place and get that Scripture for myself… and the Academi of course. And you too, you can use it too.”

This is a beginner-friendly adventure suited for Level 3 characters. This hopes to touch on the ambition and drive of the characters and take you through a healthy mix of combat, exploration and interactions with the world and its people.

What would you do if you could gain any knowledge you ever wanted?

Date and time 25th Feb 2024, 12pm
Place Underline Center, Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool lines and veils, TW: elements of loss, harm, insanity
Character creation Pregen lvl 3 characters will be provided but you are encouraged to make your own
Number of players upto 5

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