I made a true crime style murder mystery board game set in bengaluru!

A few months back, I was searching true crime style board games for a friend’s birthday like the unsolved case files in India but they were too expensive. Fast forward and I had some time on my hands and I set out to create it myself.

Think of this game as a unsolved case files game meets monopoly style board game. You go around Bangalore collecting documents and evidences, for example: you get the FIR in the police station and the autopsy report at bowring hospital and perhaps, victim photos near the crime scene. You go around the board collecting these police documents, autopsy reports, crime scene pictures, evidence, witness statements, chats, clues and so much more. You’ll face everything from a cryptic diary entries to shredded financial documents to a crossword about Bengaluru in order to gain insights.

You’ll have to go around the board, gather everything, build a case file with nearly 25 elements and solve the murder faster than your opponent.

For a truly authentic Bangalore experience, you’ll get cards that can give you advantages or troubles. For example, you can face pothole ridden roads or a traffic free road on a Sunday morning:)

Mainly, you can play this game as 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. You can also make it three teams of 2 each but you’ll need an extra case file set. I’ve poured a ton of effort into it, faced many setbacks and would love to know your thoughts on this

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Looks exciting! Do you have the files in a zip or something? Are you planning to publish this as PnP?

Nope, I’m producing them as full ready to play physical board games, in fact I’ve begun the production already with a few pre-orders:)