Hostile Takeover | 5 players | D&D 5e | 24th September

“Ah, welcome” Says the smartly dressed slender male tiefling sitting at the head of the conference table as you all are ushered into the room. “As you’re aware, our company’s bid for the acquisition of Constructs Inc. has been rather tedious. They have successfully managed to get their share prices to climb through the roof with a rather tactful marketing and investors relationship campaign alongside some nefarious and questionable book keeping. We could sill pool together our resources to buy them out but, they know as well as us, that, that would bleed our coffers dry and open us to other unsavory threats.” He pauses as he gives you all a once over.

“And that is where all of you come in. The higher ups of Constructs Inc. in their perceived victory have seen fit to throw a masquerade ball at their head office cum manufacturing plant tomorrow evening. You are to infiltrate this ball, cause enough havoc to wreck their investors confidence or secure any compromising documents or execute any other course of action you all see fit to tank their shares. Just remember, you cannot, under any circumstance, be traced back to us.”

This is a rules light beginner friendly game with room for a lot of shenanigans, sabotage, backstabbing and espionage. There will be a healthy mix of roleplay, combat and chaos

Date and time 24 September, 12pm
Place Bohemian’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool Line & Veils; X-card
Character creation Lvl 3 characters. You can make your own or pick out a pregen character which will be available at the table
Number of players 4-6

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