Hellish Rebuke D&D 5th Edition Spell Full Guide

Hellish rebuke is an evocative spell of the 5th edition of the D&D role-playing game. By the use of this spell, you can create an atmosphere of hellish flames in the surrounding of the creature which you target.

Effects of Hellish Rebuke

This spell acts differently at different levels of the game. So, let’s discuss the effects of this spell at different levels.

Level 1

You have to touch the target which you want to hit with this spell. Once you touch the target and cast the spell then a scenario of hellish flame created around the target. The use of Dexterity Saving throw will minimize the effect of this spell otherwise the target has to face 2d10 fire damage. The use of Dexterity saving throws will half the effect of damage.

Level 2 or higher

If you’re casting this spell at level 2 or higher level then the effect of damage will be increased by 1d10. Other effects remain the same.

Other Attributes

  1. This spell does not contain any range, to cast this spell you have to touch the target.
  2. The favorable class of this spell is a warlock.
  3. The duration of this spell after casting it is instantaneous.
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Is this home-brew?

As per the screenshot of the description, it appears as if the spell has a range of 60 feet?