GMs available for D&D online?

Hi! Is anyone on this group running a D&D game online? A few friends of mine and I would like to experience it via a small campaign which can be finished in a sitting of 2-3 hours (if possible). We are generally free on Saturday nights. We have no idea how to play so you will have to be patient with us. Thanks in advance for your responses and your time.

I can run a game, I have been meaning to test the module for a bit, though provided if it can be 2-3 sessions, as getting it all in one 3-hour session would not be possible, as well as one hour “session 0” where we can go over the basics of DnD and choosing your characters (We can use Pregenerated Sheets or create new ones from scratch, as per individual preference)

Let me know if you are interested

Hey Mighty Adventurer Shank Mugen. We would love to take you up on your kind offer. Pregenerated character sheets would be fine for our first game as it would save time I guess… So in summary we are totally interested. We are spectating a session by Spectator A this Wednesday at 7pm so we’ll have a very basic idea of how things work - but starting from scratch would be awesome. Thanks again for your offer and your time.

That’s great, I will send you my discord server link and we can proceed on discord from there, send the link to your friends as well

Also how many people would it be total?

Hi Shank Mugen,
I’m also interested in D&D. Could you add me as well to your d&d adventures. I’m new to D&D, do you suggest me to do any homework first?

Hey! I’m running a “Learn to play D&D” session tomorrow night from 7-10 pm. If you’d like to join, please join us at our server: