Fundraising to send Indrani to Gen Con 2022

Update: We've fundraised 38k for Indrani's Gen Con trip! 💖

Our very own fellow community organiser @indrani has been selected for a grant to attend Gen Con this year. The total travel + stay expenses will exceed the grant amount so she has setup a fundraiser to help cover the difference.

ReRoll will match up to Rs.15k that our community raises

You can send it to the UPI handle [email protected]. Deadline for our matching offer is this Friday at midnight (May 27th), so make sure to try and contribute before that.

A little bit about Indrani

We don’t do this kind of thing very often but Indrani is an exceptional case. She one of the folks who run Desis & Dragons, an amazing and wholesome TRPG community. They are easily one of the most internationally visible and successful Indian TRPG groups, and along with making us feel very old and dated, they are at the forefront of the TRPG scene in India (and for Indian-origin people aboard!).

We believe it’s incredibly important to help support people like Indrani who really do carry this community and hobby forward, and being at Gen Con is a great opportunity for not just her but the Indian TRPG community as a whole. She will be helping with networking for writers, designers, artists, etc from India who work on TRPGs - but more on that later!

For now, pitch in at [email protected]

If UPI isn’t an option for you, you can also head over to (they support credit cards and PayPal, though there is a small % that will be deducted as service charges).


This is honestly so kind and generous. Thank you so much, folks. I really appreciate it and I’m overwhelmed by the support :heart::sob:

I’ll also quickly mention my plans to network for the professionals in our community:

If you’re an Indian local creator (writer/designer/artist/etc.), please let me know if you’re interested in:

:one: Sharing your

  • Business cards
  • Portfolios
  • Published work (distributed copies and keys will be paid for if fundraising goals are met; else, I will pay you a token amount)

I would primarily be distributing it like this:

  • Business cards & portfolios to TTRPG/RPG/Board Game companies
  • Published work to other players/GMs who are interested in discovering new storytellers

:two: Having your work listed on a website so that I can direct people to a single spot where they can find games created by Indian creators (similar to but not nearly as pretty, I wager) - you will retain FULL rights to your work, the website will only link to your pages

Please fill out this form if interested -


Thanks for all that you do for our community Indrani. We’ll make this work! :muscle:t3:

Update:We've fundraised 38k for Indrani's Gen Con trip! 💖

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