[Full] The Odd Job | GUNMETAL System

A shadowy benefactor has assembled a squad to pull off a daring job. What is it you ask? It’s a simple withdrawal and deposit. There is the minor issue that its on a moving train and rumoured to be heavily guarded. But, shouldn’t be a problem for skilled folks such as yourself.

I created the GUNMETAL system myself and its still very much a WIP. It’s designed for new and old players alike. It doesn’t matter if you have never played an RPG. Newbies welcome.

Time and Place Sunday, 23rd February - 4pm to 7pm
Place Reroll x Lands of Loorou Event, Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting GUNMETAL: Six Side Stories system, self-created setting
Character creation Initial selection below, rest of the character gets made at the table.
Number of players 5

In order to ease us into play you can choose from the following roles

Role Description Player
Face You possess a gift of gab and grab. Good at convincing folks, swiping things that aren’t nailed down and generally being charming. Choose this if you like to play someone who talk their way out of trouble. @eLpheNom
Shadow You are good at being unseen. Ideal for blending into crowds, setting ambushes and tailing folks. Choose this if you like being sneaky. @unhingedToker
Brains You are able to give allies sound advice that leads them to success and do quick on-the-fly planning. Choose this if you want to be able to assess situations, gather information and guide others. @Divya_Dias
Acrobat You might actually be a bird. Adept at getting up to and through barriers that others would scratch their heads at. Choose this role if you like parkour and prefer to spend life higher than most. @Roshni
Soldier Tough as nails and trained to react to most combat situations, you are the muscle of the team. Choose this if you want to be gum chewing, guns blazing, door kicking material. @DovahMorghulis

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!


Hi, this is Govardhan, first time tabletop RPG player, I am interested to join this adventure with two of my friends who will reply here shortly. I would like to play as Soldier class

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First time player here. I would like to join as a “Shadow”.

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First time player. I guess only remaining options are face or brains. I would like to play as face then! :slight_smile:

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Hey folks! I’ll add everyone to the game!