[Full] The Hunt for Oya Munson | D&D 5E | Online | Designed for Beginners | New DM ji

Thematic description
Set in the border town of Redwater near the Kara forest, new adventurers will go on a hunt to find Oya Munson - an entity that has been sending them visions in their dreams. An unlikely band of heroes, brought together by chance and stayed together by their need for money - seem to be summoned by forces beyond their control. Is this a dark and evil plot that’s brewing? Or, are the elder gods stirring? What will happen?

Short overview for players. Beginner friendly? What should they expect? Etc

  • This is a beginner friendly game.
  • It’s collaborative storytelling experience and roleplay is encouraged.
  • It’s run by a newbie DM.
  • It’s got a lot of theater of the mind stuff going on.
  • The tools will be confirmed later, but it’s most likely Zoom or Discord or Roll20.
Date and time April 12th, Online
Place Zoom/Roll20/Discord (TBD)
System and Setting D&D 5e
Character creation Create 1st level characters on D&D Beyond. DM will help.
Number of players 5/5 slots full

Current players:
Vikram, Samay, Abhi and Sanshray

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!