[Full] Shape up and Ship out | D&D 5E

You are at the camp of the Ramblers, known throughout Loorou as a tribe of wandering bards. As you walk to at the center of the camp, in a makeshift ring, two bards play their instruments and take turns in between slogging it out in what you can only surmise to be a sparring match/music practice session.

A purple-skinned woman with horns, overseeing the spar, sees you approach and gestures you toward a grand caravan with a big smile. The bard you met in town said there was a job that paid well, they never mentioned this crazy bullshit. Might as well hear her out…

An adventure that is meant to introduce new players to D&d 5e and let you experience the core pillars of gameplay: exploration, social interaction and combat. You will be helping the Ramblers, a faction in the world of Loorou, in achieving their goal.

Time and Place Sunday, 23rd February - 12pm to 4pm
Place Reroll x Lands of Loorou Event, Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&d 5e, Lands of Loorou Setting
Character creation 3rd level pregens to be provided by me. some character creation will happen at the table.
Number of players 5 (newbies welcome)

Current players: @TITAN_MIK, @SyedSharoo, @Thorax, @Roshni @Anish_babu

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

Me and one of my friends would like to participate in this adventure, if that’s cool :slight_smile: They’ll message here once they finish registering.


cool! I’ll add you to the list

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Hy i would like to join the campaign, shape up and ship out

Consider it done! Welcome to the group

I had a lot of fun guys! Hope we can continue this story!

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